Alfalfa Tea Is a Great Plant Tonic

September 3, 2008 heavenlygardens

Did you know that your garden plants love herbal tea? Not just compost tea. I’m talking about alfalfa tea. The high calcium content of the alfalfa provides a much-needed boost to garden plants and, especially, to vegetables.

Throughout the season, I like to give my garden a tea tonic boost. I usually alternate between compost and alfalfa teas. Since we have approximately 4 to 6 more weeks of good weather before our first hard frost, I decided to give my garden plants a final alfalfa tea party this week.

Most gardeners I know use alfalfa pellets, which they buy at the feed store. Since our animals eat hay, I use fresh alfalfa that is left over from the bales we purchase. I’m not fond of cleaning up the messy, wet alfalfa after the tea’s served, so I decided to make a giant tea bag.

I used an old pillowcase and stuffed it with the fresh alfalfa hay and a cup of Epsom salt to add some magnesium to the soil. Then I tied it closed with a large twist tie. Voila! A giant, sealed tea bag. I placed my giant tea bag in the bottom of the garbage can and began to fill it with water. Much to my surprise, the tea bag floated. So, I dunked it! Over and over until it was soaking wet and floating at the top of the water.

I use a 30-gallon plastic garbage can with a locking lid. You can position the can in the sunniest part of your yard. Remember to set it well away from your house because as the tea steeps, it acquires a rather pungent odor. Stir it each day for 3 to 7 days and then give your plants a drink. I usually give each plant one half gallon or one gallon of this tea, depending on the size of the plant. Add water from your garden hose to dilute the intensity.

The next day I wondered what to do with my giant tea bag. I dried it in the sun, then emptied its contents into my compost pile.

To Your Gardening Abundance!



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  • 1. teaescapade&hellip  | 

    Interesting… I have never heard of alfalfa tea. I also am not a gardner so it is intriguing that plants love tea.

  • 2. heavenlygardens&hellip  | 

    I found it intriguing, too, when I first learned about teas for plants. Compost and alfalfa teas provide a great way to deliver nutrients to the plants in your garden. For my readers who enjoy drinking tea, do visit teaescapade’s blog. I just did and it’s delightful.

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