Garden Musings–September 2008

September 5, 2008 heavenlygardens

I can’t believe it’s the first week of September. I’ve savored every day of this summer and I look forward to savoring the rest of it, too. It’s been excessively hot, in the mid- to high-90s and over 100 degrees almost everyday since late June with a record 31 days in a row of these temps.

Still, I love the summer and warm weather. even if it means smoke from wildfires and we had a lot of smoke this year. I’d be happy with 80 degrees 365 days per year. Although I do enjoy a good, soaking summer rain and how it soothes and feeds my garden. We had only one of those this year, back in late June before the heat wave struck. It was wonderful.

As a result of the excessive and unrelenting heat, our garden grew slowly this summer. Our vegetables ripened one or two at a time. However, since a 3-day cool spell last week, along with the application of my now infamous Alfalfa Tea over the weekend, our tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers are beginning to ripen in larger numbers. We just may have a feast next week.

Oddly, the grapes have begun to ripen, too. Perhaps the sudden cool spell fooled them. Usually, we have to wait for them until the end of September. We’ve already emptied one grapevine of its bounty. However, our heat wave has returned, so we just may have to wait a few weeks for the rest.

We sat outside tonight in balmy 90-degrees and had dinner on our patio as the sun set. For dessert, we picked strawberries and white raspberries, then watched the cottontail rabbits forage amongst the grapevines and flowers. This is summer at its best.

To Your Gardening Abundance!



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