Might We Have an Early Spring?

March 5, 2012 heavenlygardens

For the last three weeks, my house rabbits have been shedding fur like humans shed their winter coats upon entering the house. The rabbits look like miniature, fluffy, woolly mammoths with tufts of fur jutting out at all angles and a cloud of fluff around them much like a halo. This began in early February and is still continuing, which makes me wonder if we’re heading for an early Spring.

Last time they shed like this, we had a wonderful early Spring and our garden harvest was extremely abundant because we had such a long season.

We had a snowstorm last week on Monday and the weather at night has been down in the low 30s, but the daytime weather is looking up and we may be in the 50s or 60s this week into next. So take a look around, fellow gardeners. Are your pets shedding heavily? Does the air smell sweeter than winter? Are the buds on your fruit trees swelling fatter and fatter each day?

Most of all…Have your crocuses bloomed? Ours have been out for the last three weeks. They poked their beautiful, delicate heads out just as the bunnies were beginning to shed. And they survived last week’s snowstorm, peeking out through the snow as it melted. The tulip leaves are about an inch long, too, so I’m thinking we just may be headed into an early Spring. We should have tulips in time for Easter.

Think Lo-o-o-ng Summer!

To Your Gardening Success!


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